Jennings links with the Railway

 From the late 1800's the railway features in the lives of many of my Jennings ancestors and relations - with a number of engine drivers, ticket collectors and other railway associated occupations featured in our family line. Even today some might say it must be a "genetic" or perhaps highly contagious fascination that still persists in some family members  with steam engines and rail travel.

Fireman Arthur Jennings on the footplate (right)

of Stirling R class locomotive No.127 of the

South Eastern Railway.

Photograph taken at Addiscombe Road c.1900.


Locomotive No.127 designed by James Stirling

1895 - Built at Ashford Works.

1898 - Allocated to Deptford shed.

1914 - Rebuilt and reclassified R1 class.

1925 - Renumbered A127 as part of Southern Railway.

1951 - Renumbered 1127.

1955 - Allocated to Ramsgate shed.

1959 - Allocated to Folkestone Junction.

1949 - Condemned and broken up at Ashford Works


The list goes on......


Henry J . Jennings (Arthur's brother) -  ticket collector


Walter Sydney Jennings (Arthur's brother) - engine driver. Slades Green, Kent


Ernest Jennings (Arthur's brother)- engine driver,Orpington?


Lucy Jennings (Arthur's wife) -carriage cleaner, Charing X


Ernest Arthur  Jennings (Arthur's eldest son) -Engine driver, Bricklayers Arms


Olive Jennings (Arthur's daughter) carriage cleaning  forewoman, Rotherhithe Road and Grove Park


William Jennings (Walter Sydneys's son) - engine driver, Tonbridge


Elsie Jennings (Ernest's daughter) -carriage cleaner, Charing X


 Driver Ernest Arthur Jennings  on the footplate 1955